Friday, March 18, 2011

Baseball Centerpiece

My church had a Women's Event last night to celebrate the birthday of the Relief Society.  I volunteered to help with the centerpieces, which they had one for each month of the year.  Easy for some months (December - Christmas decorations, November - Thanksgiving, April - Easter), not so easy for others.  Hello August?  No holidays there.  What would you do??

This is what I came up with to signify August:

My husband gets full credit for this idea.  Of course that's what he would come up with, right?  So true if you know my husband.  I just made the theme look feminine. 

The best part of the centerpiece was the baseball pennants.  I know those will come in handy in future years.  Wouldn't this work perfect for a little boy's birthday party?  Because that's at least one time it will be re-used.

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