Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Boy Room

Wow, was it really April when I posted last?  Ha ha. I must be lame. Just kidding.

We moved our boy in to his new 'big boy' room last weekend. I'm in love with the whole thing. And we did it for so cheap. Cheap I tell you. And he's in love with the room. Just proves that kids don't need a bunch of expensive things to make them happy!

We spent an entire week beforehand painting the room. Really, it took us that long because we worked on it a little here and there mostly after the boy had gone to sleep. Plus, we used 3 different colors, and each needed more than one coat. But, after all the work, I absolutely LOVE the paint in the room.

I read a million different online tutorials about how to get crisp, clean lines. What we ended up doing is taping the lines off, painting one coat with the original wall color, letting it dry, then painting the new color on top of it and removing the paint while still wet. And repeating for every line. It was work. But it turned out awesome! Look at those clean lines! We did have some tiny little touch-ups to do afterward, but they were no big deal, and even now when I look at the wall I can't see any mishaps. Sure beats the other paint jobs we've done in the past.

This is my favorite part of the room:

Isn't that so awesome? We love baseball in our house, and what boy wouldn't love a huge scoreboard with their name on it?  I got the original idea from Signs by Andrea. Check her site out. I painted this sign all by hand, no vinyl lettering for me. Cost me $4 for the piece of wood plus the paint. Not bad for such a big impact.

Here's his cool new bedding to fit with the theme:

I made the bedsheet, following this tutorial, and then whipped up a pillowcase with some leftover pieces to tie it all together.

And finally, the reading corner:

The rug was a super find at Ross one day - $5.99. I had intentions to splurge on a baseball beanbag chair, but everything I found online had horrible reviews. So until I find the perfect one, we'll work with the floor pillows that were in the basement going unused anyway.

Lastly, that hanging ball lamp at IKEA was the best $9 ever spent. My engineer husband even added a on/off switch so we don't have to unplug it out of the wall when it's not in use.

What do you think? Do you love it? Would your boy love this room? Mine sure does! Even my husband wishes it was his room :)