Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Lesson

Are you looking for an Easter lesson idea? 
We had a great Easter FHE tonight, and I thought I'd share the idea.
I've had this object lesson for a while and I just love it.
It's perfect for little kids.
We used it as our Easter lesson when we taught Sunbeams.
Kids love opening up their egg to see what is inside.

Here is what we have inside the eggs:
#1: Coins (Mark 14:44/Matthew 27:1-2) Judas sold Jesus for some money. But later Judas repented and returned the money. But it was too late for Jesus.
#2: Rope (Matthew 27:1-2) Jesus was bound by the soldiers and led away.
#3: Thorn (Matthew 27:28-30) The soldiers made a crown of thorns and put it on Jesus' head.
#4: Nail (Matthew 27:31-32) The soldiers nailed Jesus to a cross.
#5: Dice (Matthew 27:35) The soldiers divided Jesus' clothes among themselves, and cast lots.
#6: Sponge (Matthew 27:48) Some people standing by Jesus on the cross took a sponge and filled it with vinegar for Jesus to drink.
#7: Toothpick (John 19:34) A soldier pierced His side with a spear and Jesus bled.
#8: White cloth (Matthew 27:58-60) Joseph (a disciple) took Jesus' body, and wrapped in a clean, white cloth.
#9: Cloves & Cinnamon (John 19:40) And with the white cloth, the disciples put spices on Jesus' body.
#10: Rock (Matthew 27:66) They laid Jesus in a tomb, and rolled a big rock in front of the doorway.
#11: Matchstick (Ether 4:12) Jesus taught "I am the light, and the life, and the truth of the world"
#12: Empty (Matthew 28:5-6) After 3 days, Jesus' followers went back to the tomb. But an angel told them "I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay." And the tomb was empty.

For our treats, we made "Resurrection Rolls" Have you heard of these? I know I've seen them online called several things. Basically, you take biscuit dough, spread butter, cinnamon, and sugar. Put a large marshmallow inside, wrap it up (like a tomb) and bake. When it comes out, the marshmallow is gone, leaving "the tomb" empty.

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