Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flower Bows

We had some family in town recently, so all the girls got together to make some hair bows.  So fun!  I just wish that I had a little girl to use the bows more than I will in my own hair :)

Puffy bows.  The black has a layer of polka dot material, a layer of black lace, and then a cute matching button in the middle.  The pink is satin and tulle mixed together in both layers.

Yo-yo flowers.  By far the easiest to make. Love. 

Pinwheel flowers.  This is from a 4" square.

More pinwheels.  These are from 2" squares.  Wouldn't they be super cute for a toddler girl with pigtails?

And a belt bow headband.  Fun.  It's just an old belt that is cut and glued together, with a hair elastic attaching the two ends together to keep in your hair.

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