Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Cake Pops

This is a story about a failure.
What was originally supposed to be these beautiful 4th of July Cupcake in a Jar gifts for my VT girls...

Aren't they beautiful?
Mine did not turn out in any way like that.  My cake colors weren't as vibrant.  The cookie cutter didn't cut as neat and clean as I imagined it would.  The cakes were A LOT more difficult to get in a jar and have them look cute afterward.  The layers of frosting didn't turn out as pretty either.  Wow.  Cupcakes in a jar are apparantly not destined to be my specialty. 

But now I had blue, white, and red (ok..pinkish) cakes...what do I do with them?  Enter this lovely idea I remembered seeing online...

When the directions include "tear apart your cake you just baked", I knew I could make these with the mess that was my cupcake in a jar attempt.

And here's my finished product:

They were so easy to make! 
I totally want to make some more.  Like all of these pretty things:

The baseball cake pops would be a huge hit around here.
But I love them all.

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