Monday, June 6, 2011

Headboard Accent Wall

Our latest home makeover project: A Headboard Accent Wall.  First, take a look at our inspiration photos:

Don't you love these walls?  When I saw them online I totally fell in love!  You can see the full post HERE.  We also used Decor Chick's Tutorial for this project as well. We used Decor Chick because that was the perfect tutorial to teach us all the steps.  We decided we didn't want an all-white wall, so we first painted our wall a beautiful green.  We were also going to go with a different pattern then she used, but in the end our vision looked too busy, and so we went with exactly how she did her wall.  And I love it!

Here is our boring before wall:

And here is the "After" wall that we are so in love with:

Our bedroom is starting to come together!  We're hitting up every yard sale we drive by on the lookout for some nice nightstands.  And next project on our to do list is a headboard.  We look all over, but just can't seem to find one that we love, so assuming that is still the case, we'll start making one soon.  I was also thinking of making a bedspread, but now I love our current comforter a lot more with the change in the wall.

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Anna said...

I love it - both in the all white and in the contrast like you did it. Nice job!