Friday, September 16, 2011

A Finished Project Finally

I'm infamous for starting projects and never finishing them.  I have good intentions, but I just get side-tracked when something new comes along and I seem to forget about the other cool thing that I was working on.  Anyway, I've recently decided I have toooooooo many unfinished projects around here.  I'm really trying to just plug away and finish stuff now before I start on anything else new.

And cue the most recently finished project...

Do you love it? 

And here's the original where this idea came from:

I can't remember how much the original canvas was at the store, but I do know it was way too much.  And I knew I could make something similar.  With a quote we like better.  We don't really like to focus on losing around this house...

Total spent on this project: $3.00.  I bought a canvas at the DI for $3 and had all the paint supplies already.  I just printed the words from MS Word and a baseball from google images, traced, and painted.  How easy is that?

And let's have one more look:

This will be perfect in our son's baseball-themed bedroom!

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~JeNn ChErRy~ said...

WOW!!! We have been without internet for...dum, dum, dum, geez maybe year and a half---so I have been super inconsistent at looking at things (ever time I wanted a peek I was always at someone's house). Well, we just got the internet back and I have to tell you---totally impressed with this artwork!!! You're amazing!!!